Business Status

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The Korea Housing Association
We will take the initiative in the housing cultural development for the renovation housing industry
Business Building
  • 1.
  • Participation in the business of improving housing systems regulations and policies
  • 2.
  • Supporing the enhancement of Cooperation among members
  • 3.
  • Implementation of government agency housing related matters
  • 4.
  • Operation of internet web-pages, Special supply subscription system
  • 5.
  • Maintenance of good relationships between the government and member companies
Main Activities
Improvement of Housing-related laws and Systems
In order to implement housing-related projects smoothly, KHA makes continuous efforts for reasonable operation and improvement of housing, and urban planning related laws and regulations
Visions for the housing construction industry and Developing Solutions to pending issues
KHA engages in various research projects to adjust to the rapidly changing housing markets, to offer vision to the housing construction industry in the future, and to develop plausible alternatives to housing policy related issues.
Performing Affairs entrusted to the Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Affairs
KHA has performed government administrative affairs since it was designated as the conductor of government commissioned services in December 15th,2003. (For example, housing construction results certificates issued by KHA.)
Solving Problems and Encouraging Pride of the Housing Construction Industry
KHA collects various opinions and recommendations from its members through seminars, forums and conferences, and suggests them to the Government and National Assembly for improvement. KHA also does its best to encourage people in the housing construction industry through various events such as giving out awards on the Housing Construction Day.
Supporting the Maintenance of Sustainable Housing-related Projects and Implementing International Cooperation
In order to maintain sustainable housing projects and to provide housing-related information for members in a speedy and timely manner, KHA puts great emphasis on member company's staff training, and publishes various research periodicals and publications including codes of housing-related laws and regulations.KHA also helps its members to enter into overseas housing markets through cooperation with foreign housing associations or corporations.