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Korea Housing Association will show leadership in enhancing national
housing welfare and developing the healthy housing industry.
  • I would like to welcome sincerely you for visiting the website of Korea Housing Association.

    Korea Housing Association is the statuary body established in 1978, most notably by the national large housing construction companies. This association has been constantly pushing for legislative proposals with the proposals to provide policy ideas and improve related systems, for a better national housing welfare and healthy development of housing industry.

    Now, the housing industry at the high growth stage must not merely carry out its role to construct and supply buildings to increase the number of houses but has to promote the qualitative development of tailored housing to meet various needs of consumers so that new added value could be created. Such as this, the housing industry shall change and evolve steadily.

    Our association promises that we'll take the leadership to enhance national housing welfare by putting ourselves in the position of citizens and listening carefully to voices citizens have, wherever they are. And we'll roll our sleeves to lead the housing industry's constant innovation.
    Also, we will make the best efforts to provide swift information on the housing industry through the association's website and share it.

    Thank you.
  • Chairman Kim Han-kee